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Aluminum profile powder coating - coating thickness control

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The most important way to save powder is to control the coating thickness, which directly reflects how much powder is used. The national standard coating thickness should be more than 40 m, and the coating thickness will be too low. If the coating thickness control range is divided in detail, according to the powder characteristics, it can be distinguished from grit powder and polish powder. Generally, the average diameter of new powder is 37-43 micron, the grain size of grit powder is relatively large, and the coverage rate of powder to aluminum profile is high. Therefore, the coating thickness control can take the lower limit, and the powder consumption can be saved to the maximum extent. Small diameter, powder coverage of aluminum profiles is low, should be sprayed as far as possible thick, avoid pan-bottom, especially white powder transparency is high, if the film thickness is not enough, it is easy to pan-bottom blue, so powder should take the upper limit or upper limit.


The ideal coating thickness control range is a goal and an expectation, which is easy to say but difficult to do. In order to achieve this goal, workshop managers should pay special attention to it. At the same time, technicians should continue to supervise and monitor the coating thickness in real time, requiring front-line production staff to operate according to the process, through various models. Only by accumulating and summarizing the experience of powder spraying technology for powder and aluminum profiles can we make the technology mature and finally reach our expectations. 

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