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  • Jun
    Reasons and precautions of phosphating and rusting in pretreatment of powder spraying equipment

    Reasons and precautions of phosphating and rusting in pretreatment of powder spraying equipmentPowder spraying equipment assembly line is generally composed of pre-processing equipment, powder spraying equipment, drying tunnel and chain, and electronic control equipment.The pretreatment electrophore

  • Jun
    Causes and solutions of condensation in dust processing equipment

    Causes and solutions of condensation in dust processing equipment 1. Dust processing equipment has air leakage We all know that the internal temperature of the dust processing equipment is very high when it is working, and if the machine leaks, it will enter part of the outside air inside it. When t

  • Jun
    How to control the thickness of electrostatic powder coating

    How to control the thickness of electrostatic powder coatingThe sprayed profiles have various colors and are deeply loved by customers, but due to the complexity of the cross-sectional shape of aluminum profiles, it has brought certain difficulties to spray production and coating thickness inspectio

  • Oct
    Analysis of common defects on the surface of electrostatic coating of powder coating

    Abstract: This paper briefly introduces the coating defects that are easy to occur during the powder coating process of spin-on oil filters and diesel filters. The coating defects were analyzed and a solution was proposed. introduction Spin-on oil filters and diesel filters have the characterist

  • Aug
    The pretreatment method for powder spraying plant

    The pretreatment method is divided into liquid processing and dry processing.Hanna offers you reasonable and economical pretreatment methods to clean your workpiece.According to the product size, different processing forms can be selected, the structure is reasonable and the ideal use effect can be

  • Mar
    The Reasons Of Rust Return Between The Pretreatment Processes

    The problem of rust return between the pretreatment processes of the workpiece has become the most concerned issue for customers. After the workpiece is rusted, it directly affects the pre-treatment film quality, which in turn affects the coating effect. Therefore, how to do rust prevention between processes is one of the key tasks in pretreatment.

  • Mar
    Common Faults And Analysis During Electrostatic Spraying

    Common faults and analysis during electrostatic spraying 1. Host gun insurance blown (1A) 1A gun insurance2.When the spray gun enters the water, the high-voltage static electricity is short-circuited, the system is in protection, the output voltage is very low, and the spray gun is fully dried, and the water source is checked and disposed to ensure that the compressed air is monotonous.

  • Mar
    Electrostatic Spray Gun Cleaning And Routine Maintenance

    One: cleaning of the electrostatic spray gun After use, the spray gun and its accessories should be cleaned immediately. Improper maintenance and cleaning will increase the incidence of spray gun failure.

  • Mar
    Attention Matters In Powder Coating Spray Booth

    The production of powder coating spray booth is the key process in the spraying production process. The key to the quality of the surface of the sprayed workpiece lies in the control of various process parameters during the spraying process. The amount of powder and atomized air are two key technical indicators.

  • Mar
    Reasons For Poor Powder Curing In Powder Coating

    Considering from the powder coating, if the matching between the resin and the curing agent is unreasonable in the formulation design, for example, the reactivity selection of the resin or the selection of the type and amount of the curing agent is unreasonable; the mass percentage or the volume concentration of the filler is too large, etc. Will affect the physical and mechanical properties of the film.

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