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Automatic Conveyor System


*Hanna automatic conveyor system features:

1. Based on customer needs, provide the corresponding optimal design

2. Fine workmanship to ensure operational stability

3. Highly automated process to increase efficiency

* How to achieve fine workmanship, optimized design and stable operation?

1. The track material is forged or steel, which is firm and durable;

2. All sheet metal materials and shaped parts, all lasers are off the assembly line, the tolerance is less than 0.2 mm;

3. Welding in the mold to ensure that the flange is perpendicular to the four corners of the track;  (Picture 1)

4. The entrance is treated with a knife angle, and the edge of the track is free of burrs; (Picture 2)

5. The seam is no stuck; (Picture 3)

6. Docking, lap jointing, turning range, etc., smooth processing; (Picture 4,5)

7. Safety device design, extending chain life and reducing maintenance costs, including the tensile device, stuck automatic stopping device, overload automatic stopping device, etc.;

8. The overload protection device is optional, reducing the chain operation failure rate;

9. The drive with torque limiter is optional and can be started after troubleshooting.

10. Speed control system optional: speed control motor, stepless frequency conversion (0.5-10 m / min), PLC + computer programming + inverter

Chain conveyor system: The rail can be divided into 150 rails ≤ 30KG, 250 rails ≤ 50KG (single point lifting)

The drive unit in our high-end conveyor system uses a drive with a torque limiter. When the conveyor goes wrong, it can automatically stop. After the malfunction is removed, it can be restarted.


If the rail length is less than 180 meters, it will be driven by a single drive device. If the track is more than 180 meters, we recommend the double drive device. If the rail length exceeds 180 meters with a single drive device, then the track, chain, and tension parts will be problematic. We are at your point of view, providing you with the best design for saving time, labor, and long-term cost savings.

*Conveyor transport system

1) The conveyor chain is forced by driving unit to make it go along track. When it comes to different sections of track, it can automatically make corresponding changes on convey height and direction.  The driving units are equipped with safety pin protection for overloading.

2) Temperature expansion joint: when the convey track comes across drying furnace, the high temperature may cause thermal deformation on conveyor chain. Thus we design expansion joint at both ends of high-temperature zone for compensation.

3) The lubrication unit is helpful in drop oiling for axis pin, cross head and roller for regular maintenance.

4) Stepless regulation of convey speed for easy control and auto failure alarm for safety production.

*The main advantages of the Hanna conveyor system:

Easy to assemble and disassemble

Maximum flexibility, allowing the creation of transport routes with different configurations

High quality production and assembly of each component

Superior durability and reliability

Minimum maintenance requirements

Transport equipment can be adapted to individual needs and scale; it provides very flexible operation and simple management thanks to the custom designed software.

Other solutions proposed include specialized automation systems to facilitate handling operations and provide solutions for cargo handling of any size and weight.

 Picture1 Welding in the mold    Picture2 Entrance is treated with a knife angle  Picture3 Seam chamfering

          Picture1  Welding in the mold                                  Picture2 Entrance is treated                             Picture3 Seam chamfering                                                                                                                                with a knife angle


              Picture4 Docking, lap jointing, turning range, etc., smooth processing          Picture5 After welding

                                    Picture4 Docking, lap jointing,                                                          Picture5 After welding

                          turning range, etc., smooth processing

Automatic conveyor system

Automatic conveyor system

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