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Best Selling Powder Coating Line

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Best Selling Powder Coating Line

Company Profile:

Hebei Hanna Technology CO., LTD has  over 28 years experiences.From simple hand coating through to fully automated powder coating.

Main products:Electrostatic spraying machineElectrostatic spraying gunAutomatic elevating equipmentquick change of color powder roomPowder recovery equipmentMulti-function spray room,Spray paint room, telescopic spray paint room,Pretreatment equipment, spray, hot air furnace, biological granule combustion machine, gas burner, electric heating oven, curing oven, chain suspension conveying equipment, etc .And through to CE, ISO 9001 standards.





Pretreatment System

Better powder coating of the   workpiece.

Powder Coating Room

Spraying on the surface of the   workpiece.

Big Cyclone

Automatic fast color change.

Transport System

Delivery of workpieces.

Curing Oven

It makes the powder attaching to   the workpiece.

Heating System

The fuel can choose diesel   oil,gas,electric etc.

Equipment display

Product details02Product details01

Powder Coating Line

complete powder coating system

Flow Diagram


1.    Shipment:By sea

2.    Delivery time:within 30days after advance payment.





Tel/Wechat/Whatsapp/Skype:+86 13363836725

Email:[email protected]

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Hebei Hanna  Technology  CO., LTD.



Hebei Hanna Technology CO., LTD
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 +86-186 3213 8668  (Mark Lee)
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