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Brief introduction about the powder recovery system

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There are two types of recovery system, one type is of single lever filter element recovery equipment (according to the recovery amount to choose the number of the filter element, about etc )

The filter element used by the filter recovery system is divided into common and lamination two types, the differences are the common filter element can sieve >5 um powder particles, the lamination filter element can sieve 0.5um-1um powder particles.

Now widely using common filter elements adopts 600-1000 m³ wind volume design, the lamination filter elements adopts 300-600 m³ wind volume design.

The filter element in dry environment will be changed every 1 year, wet environment will be changed every 2 years. However most customers will choose change filter element more than 1 year.

Another recovery system is big cyclone recovery system adding two lever recovery equipment. Such kind of recovery system will reach 95% powder reuse, the two lever recovery machine will collect the rest waste powder (which is too fine to use).

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