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How to solve the problem of loss of light in powder coating process?

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The reasons for the loss of light in spray pipeline powder coating process are:        

1.The surface of the workpiece is wet or acid, salt, salty and other substances.           

2.The powder coating powder and the dilute powder paint are mixed with water.        

3.The surface of the coating is too rough, the amount of absorption is large, and the coating is too thin.          

4.The humidity of the site is larger than 90%, and the coating is easy to lose brightness.        

5.The temperature is too low and the drying speed is too slow.        

6.The water in the air compressor is not clear and mixed with the coating.        

7.Diluents were used too much.            

The solution to the loss of light during powder coating process is:           

1.Clean up the impurities on the surface of the coated material.        

2.Properly keep the paint in order to prevent the mixing of water.        

3.Pay attention to grinding the thickness of sandpaper to ensure that the coated sheet is smooth.        

4.Adjust the temperature of the room or stop the construction.       

5.The temperature of the construction environment is generally above 10 degrees.        

6.Clean the air in the air compressor and maintain the oil-water separator.        

7.Adjustment of construction ratio       

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