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Imported PP Sheet Powder Booth

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TypeBig cyclone powder coating lineOEM                                                                                                            


WeightAccording to the design


 Two lever recovery powder coating system with big cyclone:
powder coating plant
powder coating machine

 Big cyclone powder coating line advantages:
2.1 complete automatic powder coating recovery system, saving labor, lower noise, less l environmental pollution.
2.2 adopting PP plate as the powder coating booth wall, no accumulation of the powder, no need labor to collect the powder.
big cyclone plus two lever powder recovery system, recovery rate up to 98.9%, more pure recovery powder, less waste of the powder.
2.4 automatic powder change center with fast color change, no limitation of the powder color, high efficient of the color change.
free CAD design

Big cyclone powder coating line is widely used in the following field: aluminium profile/fire equipment/wire mesh/bike frame/auto rim&wheels tec

Over 20 years developing, hanna can solve the below problems for customers:
1.1 --off color
We need to find out why it is easy to off color, the bad pre treatment or not enough time of the angle of the products or curving oven heating temperature is not good enough or the oil and salt content of the water is too high? Over 20 years, hanna can solve the problem one by one for you.
1.2--different color
Unsteady of the powder coating and compressed air, bad fluidization effect of the powder supply center, longer time curving oven or too high curving temperature, pre treatment is not good enough, poor heat resistance of the powder etc. 

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