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Powder coating line

Powder coating system manufacturer
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  • Aug
    Hanna manual conveyor system features

    *Hanna manual conveyor system features:1. Based on customer demand, provide the corresponding optimal design2. Fine workmanship to ensure the stability of the conveyor track * How to design an optimal solution?1. Comprehensive analysis of customer cost budget and capacity requirements, select manual

  • Mar
    Spray Paint Equipment

    Spray booth function and classification The most basic task of the spray booth is to remove the paint mist, paint dust, solvent, etc. from the spraying process.

  • Mar
    Curing Oven

    Curing temperature, time and coating effect:The powder coating itself is only a semi-finished product. It only becomes the final product after being sprayed and cured. The consumer pays attention to the effect and quality after the coating is applied. That is to say, the use of powder coating is as important as the production of powder coating

  • Mar
    Conveyor System

    *Structural characteristics:1. Based on customer needs, provide the corresponding optimal design2. Fine workmanship to ensure operational stability3. Highly automated process to increase efficiency

  • Mar
    Powder Supply Center

    Working Principle of Large Cyclone Secondary Recycling Spray Booth The powder sprayed from the spray gun, the part which is not adhension on the workpiece is brought to the inside of the large cyclone by the airflow that generated by the exhaust fan, the larger powder is be separated in the separator and drop on the vibrating screen

  • Mar

    Common metal surface treatment methods and their characteristics:
    Metal surfaces are inevitably oxidized during various heat treatment, machining, transportation, and storage processes, resulting in a thick and uneven oxide layer. What are the methods commonly used to deal with metal surfaces?

  • Mar
    Spray Gun

    Spray gun atomization technology and its development trend:When a coating is applied to the surface of a workpiece of various materials, the coating to obtain a good atomization depends on many factors.

  • Mar

    The difference between powder coating and paint spraying:Spray painting and powder coating are two completely different coating methods. Spray painting is the use of compressed air to disperse liquid paint (commonly known as paint dispersed into paint mist particles adhered to the surface of the object being coated

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Hebei Hanna Technology CO., LTD
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 +86-186 3213 8668  (Mark Lee)
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