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Manual Quick Color Change


Hanna manual color change features:

1, No dust spillover

2, Fast color change time (10-15 minutes manual color change).

3, Fully and comprehensively consider the color change needs, simple and fast

4, Equipment is reliable, durable and durable

5, Beautiful appearance, fine workmanship

6, Only need one operator

7, Economical

Working principle:

The powder is automatically transported from the powder collecting bucket to the electrostatic spray gun under the action of the powder transmission pump.

The electrostatic powder is partially sprayed onto the surface of the workpiece; Part of the powder flows through the large cyclone recovery machine and secondary recovery unit; A small amount remains in the inner wall of the spray booth.

Remove the powder collecting bucket, open the air power source, clean the spray gun, meanwhile manually clean the powder spray booth, can achieve quick change color within 15 minutes.

Question: Why is the manual color change time so fast?

1. Hanna designed the top of the powder booth with a cylinder design, which is convenient for users to disassemble.

2, Hanna designed the bottom of the powder booth with a pulley design, convenient for users to quickly disassemble and move.

Please contact our sales staff for more details.

Quick color change manual solution

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