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Powder coating line

Powder coating system manufacturer
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  • Sep
    Analyze common problems in coating production lines

    Analyze common problems in powder coating production linesVarious problems often occur in the application process of loading production lines. Below, Hanna Technology will give you a general analysis:1. Improper design of conveying equipment: From the design point of view, there are many ways to co

  • Sep
    Advantages of electrostatic powder coating

    It is said that electrostatic spray is better, where is it better? Below Hanna Technology to analyze for everyone! !First, electrostatic spray molding has excellent film properties: as long as the powder coating is directly sprayed onto the surface of the pre-treated MDF sheet, after baking, a coati

  • Sep
    What should be paid attention to in the application of spraying line

    Spraying equipment plays a big role in our lives. What problems should we pay attention to when using spray equipment? Let's discuss it together.1. According to actual needs, such as the size, shape, daily output and other parameters of the target workpiece, select the most suitable electrostatic sp

  • Sep
    Why do you need to use spray equipment to make aluminum profiles?

    1. Electrostatic powder coating may cause more electrical disturbances. The resistance of the spray chamber, spray gun device, electric furnace, drying tunnel and other equipment is higher. The electric shock caused by the electrostatic high voltage of the spraying device is often blocked by the sho

  • Sep
    How to quickly change colors in powder coating system

    Spraying equipment is more and more widely used in people’s lives. For the industry that uses electrostatic spraying equipment, the color of the product is different. It is difficult to change another color in a few days or a few hours. At the same time, it is necessary to clean the spray booth and

  • Jul
    Full Automatic Power And Free Overhead Conveyor Line

    Our factory successfully developed a double line design of the full automatic powder coating production line – – Power And Free Overhead Conveyor, which effectively improves work efficiency, saves raw materials, and occupy less area than the other powder coating production line, solves the problem of the small size of the factory.

  • Jul
    Manual Color Change Steps For Filter Recovery Spray Booth

    The Hanna powder coating line manual quick color change solution will reduce production stagnation time and increase productivity. Color change time: 15 minutesAdvantages: EconomicalDisadvantages: Not suitable for multiple color changeHanna patent: Filter recovery unit quick disassemble is convenient for color change

  • Jul
    Brief Introduction About Hanna Automatic Conveyor Transport System

    Hanna automatic conveyor system features:1. Based on customer needs, provide the corresponding optimal design2. Fine workmanship to ensure operational stability3. Highly automated process to increase efficiency

  • Jul
    Pretreatment System

    Chromizing, Phosphating,Vitrification, Silane: Chromization Principle: chromate solution and metal reaction, produce chromization layer on the surface of the workpiece.Application: mainly for aluminum, magnesium and its alloyswhen dealing with steel, often matching used with phosphating.Function: in

  • Feb
    Various Pretreatment Processing for Powder Coating Line

    Pretreatment methods& different

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