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The complete electrostatic powder coating system

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The complete electrostatic powder coating system mainly includes :the pretreatment system, the powder coating system ,the drying room, the heat source system, the electric control system, the suspended convey chain and the large cyclone.Absorbed European technology to develop generation intelligent gun, unique circuit board design, let the oscillation frequency reach 17 KHZ to ensure the workpieces powder rate is high, groove with powder.

We using the internationally recognized big cyclone recovery system powder recovery rate as high as 99.2%, ensure no dust spillover.Fast automatic color change powder spray system including the automatic powder coating spray booth,powder coating reciprocator,powder coating gun,powder coating recovery filter,the big powder coating cyclone.Different lever powder coating system are available for you to choose according to you budget.

Hebei Hanna Powder Coating Equipment limited company is famous powder coating machine suppliers in China.We c

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