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What does the manual powder spray line need?

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Manual powder spraying equipment is a kind of powder spraying equipment.The equipment is easy to use and occupies less space.So what are the parts of the manual spraying line?

First of all, the process of manual spraying is the same: pretreatment, manual spraying, manual transfer to curing oven (oven) high temperature curing - spray finish.

So the devices needed to complete these steps include:

 1.Manual electrostatic spraying gun  

 2.Single station spray room (containing powder recovery system)

 3.Curing heating system (with suitable heating system)

The advantages of manual spraying are mainly:less investment; easy to guarantee the quality of spraying; as long as the curing furnace (oven) is reasonable in size design, it is easy to apply to all kinds of workpiece (size or shape) spraying; maintenance is convenient, maintenance cost is low, maintenance technical difficulty is low; space area is less. It can be used for small batch production and large batch production.

The main disadvantages of manual spraying are:When the work pieces of the same size are produced in large quantities, the labor of repeated labor occupied by the workpiece in each process is relatively more. It can not greatly increase the output or greatly reduce the labor cost.

I hope this article will help you.

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