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electrostatic spray coating equipment

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 Hanna Metal Technology Welcome you.

1. Production process of electrostatic powder spray coating

2. Manufacturing technique principle of electrostatic spray coating



1. Production process of electrostatic powder spray coating

Electrostatic spray coating process:

Degreasing - Water washing - Pickling (to remove) - Washing - Neutralization - Washing - Finishing - Phosphating - Passivation - Drying - Electrostatic coating - Curing - Finished product .


2. Manufacturing technique principle of electrostatic spray coating

* Degreasing

By means of alkali chemical saponification reaction, the emulsification of the surfactant, the physical force and dissolved force to remove oil on the products coating.

Purpose: Clear the surface of the grease, oil.

* Pickling (rust cleaning)

Pickling rust cleaning, descaling method is the most widely used method in the industrial field. The use of acid to dissolve the oxide and the effect of the mechanical stripping of the hydrogen result of the acid corrosion to achieve the purpose of rust cleaning and oxidation rust cleaning. Pickling is the most common use of hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid.

Purpose: rust cleaning and oxidation rust cleaning.


The use of alkaline substances to remove the acid residue on the workpiece surface

Purpose: Neutralize the residual acid on the workpiece to make the product more cleaner.


* Surface adjustment

Elimination of non-uniform surface caused by alkaline degreasing or rust removal to improve the adaptability of the surface of the workpiece and phosphating solution.

Objective: To promote the formation of fine-grained phosphate phosphating film, and to improve the phosphating rate.


* Phosphating

The use of phosphoric acid or phosphate-containing solution to form an immiscible phosphate film on the surface of the metal product.

Purpose: providing short-term protection of the base metal of the products during production processes, to a certain extent, to prevent corrosion of metal to improve the paint layer adhesion and corrosion resistance.



The process to make the substrate metal surface passivation in order to improve the corrosion resistance of the base metal.

Purpose: To close the gap of phosphating film, improve the corrosion resistance of phosphating film, especially to improve the overall adhesion and corrosion resistance of the film.



Use the drying channel/booth to dry the surface of the workpiece to prepare for electrostatic spray paint. Drying channel/booth design: drying time> 8-10mins, speed 3m / min, temperature 100 -120 .

Purpose: to dry the surface of the workpiece preparing for the electrostatic spray powder coating.

*Electrostatic spray coating

Powder electrostatic spraying is based on the electrostatic charge to achieve a spray technology.

Purpose: To make the surface of the workpiece a glossy uniform coating to achieve the purpose of surface protection and decoration.

Features: Recycling rate up to 98.9%.

* Curing

Curing the surface of the workpiece. Curing channel design: curing time> 10mins, speed 3m / min, temperature 180 -200

Purpose: To form a flat, bright, bubble-free, pin-hole-free, scratch-free scratch coating.

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