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Hebei Hanna metal technology 
 Economic and Technology Development Zone, Shijiazhuang city, Hebei Province, China
 +86-186 3213 8668 (Mark Lee)


  • Q What service do we offer ?

    A Hanna service content:
    * Equipment planning, production, installation, commissioning, and assistance in trial production.
    * Provide complete education and training after the equipment is completed and delivered.
    * Provide complete information, including equipment drawing, electrical circuit control chart and use maintenance instruction.
    * Method of troubleshooting of equipment.
    * We provide a list of consumables and help customers establish a sound equipment maintenance and guarantee system.
    * Three free inspection of equipment during the warranty period.
    * After the delivery of the equipment to the customer, our company stayed with the professional staff for 10 days to cooperate with the customer equipment.
    * He rushed to the scene within 48 hours after receiving customer phone calls to troubleshoot.
    * After the completion of the project, we will file and keep the complete information.
    * Guarantee 1 years.
  • Q What’s the difference between normal powder coating line and our power and free powder coating line ?

    A Power and free powder coating line advantages :
    A. Smaller occupation
    B. Save 50% energy
    C. 1.5-2 times capacity 
  • Q What’s the difference between cyclone and filters recovery system ?

    A A. Cyclone color changing need within 15mins ,powder recovery rate 99.4% ,the recovery  accuracy 0.5um-1um .
    B. Filters recovery color changing need 30mins ,powder recovery rate 98.5%, the recovery accuracy 5um .
  • Q Why conventional coating equipment can’t achieve environmental protection standard?


    A.  Powder spillover makes environmental pollution.

    B. Exhaust emissions from curing oven. 

  • Q Why coating will be fall off?


    A. Surface heavy oil, spraying stages are not enough, rinse is not clean.

    B. Lack in advanced return air system leading to the effective temperature range is not enough, the product is not heating well.

  • Q Why does product appear nonuniform coating?


    A.  Powder gun can’t spray uniform coating.

    B.  The speed of chain and elevators do not match.

    C. thickness gauge to test the same product as per national standard,the thickness should be reached 60-75um.

  • Q Why does the product have color difference?


    The temperature of oven is nonuniform.

Hebei Hanna  Technology  CO., LTD.



Hebei Hanna Technology CO., LTD
 Shuguang road,Zhengding county,Shijiazhuang city,Hebei province,China
 +86-186 3213 8668  (Mark Lee)
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