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Fast Color Change Powder Coating Booth

Brand Name: HANNA
Place of Origin: Hebei
Port: Xingang, Tianjin
Mini Order: One Set
Payment Term: TT/LC etc
Packing: Customized to keep the material from any damage.
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Hanna automatic fast color change features:

1.No dust spillover, reduce powder waste.

2, Quick color change (10-15 minutes automatic color change), Multi-color change.

3, Powder recovery rate as high as 99.2%

4, Fifth generation of intelligent spray gun, the workpiece groove has no bottoming phenomenon.

5, Full consider the need for color change, easy to clean,Save labor time.

6, Key mechanical parts and electrical components of the equipment adopt the world's top brand products to ensure reliable operation and durability.

7, Beautiful appearance, fine workmanship.


Working principle:

The powder is automatically transported from the powder supply center to the electrostatic spray gun under the action of air power source;The electrostatic powder is partially sprayed onto the surface of the workpiece; Part of the powder flows through the large cyclone recovery machine and secondary recovery unit; A small amount remains in the inner wall of the spray booth. Part of the powder passes through the air suction cyclone, through primary recovery unit and a bottom vibrating screen, then returned to the powder supply center under the action of the powder recovery pump.  Part of the powder is rotated to the top of the large cyclone and sent to the secondary recovery unit, then through the rotary wing filter and left in the powder collecting bucket.



Groove design on spray booth bottom

Working principle:

Part of the electrostatic powder that has not been sprayed on the surface of workpiece will fall by its own gravity factor, affected by the micro-negative pressure at the groove, then directly into the filter recovery unit. The spray room floor avoids powder accumulation and is easy to clean.

fast color change powder coating booth


Hanna powder coating supply system:

1,A variety of powders and spray guns to meet all your needs

With a hopper from 50L to 200L, it can easily match up to 32 guns

2,Ideal fluidization effect in powder preparation stage 

The high quality fluidized bucket bed distributes compressed air throughout the surface of the bucket for ideal powder transfer.

3,Simple integration into each system

The new powder supply, recycled powder and air transfer combination offer the possibility to integrate equipment into any one system.

4,Integrated adjustable sensor

Powder level sensor - adjust height - activate alarm and automatic new powder supply system when powder level is too low

5,Vibration platform for difficult to fluidize powder

Powder hopper with its own vibration base helps fluidize for powders that are difficult to spray

6,The powder hopper trolley is easy to move

Powder hoppers with rugged strollers can be easily moved to wherever you needQuick-color-change-automatic-solution(1)

Quick color change automatic solution

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