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These are related to the powder coating gun news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in powder coating gun and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand powder coating gun market.
  • Dec
    How to choose the spray gun in the electrostatic spray equipment?

    In the contemporary society, the continuous advancement of science and technology and the rapid development of society have led to the development of electrostatic spray equipment. The development of electrostatic spray lines has brought great convenience to everyone, especially when the smart spray

  • Oct
    Powder Coating Thickness Control

    Properly increasing the powder coating thickness can effectively reduce the formation of particles.

  • Oct
    How to achieve the best powder coating effect

    How to achieve the best powder coating effectBefore the formal Powder Coating, you can be try sprayed several times. At this time, the amount of Powder output and the uniformity of Powder distribution can be observed at both ends of the Powder Coating Booth. We are manufacturers of specialized production Powder Coating Equipment and Automatic Liquid painting Line for 28 years.

  • Oct
    What is the voltage range of electrostatic powder spraying gun nozzle?

    Why the most suitable voltage range of powder coating gun nozzle is within 60~90kV ?

  • Sep
    How should the spray gun equipment be maintained?

    Use of spray gunThe structure of the spray gun is simple and easy to use, but it must be used correctly. There are many factors that affect the use of the spray gun, such as painted objects, painting materials, and even seasons. The key to the use of the spray gun is: the control of the adjustment k

  • Sep
    Bulgarian customer's equipment is completed and the packing work begins.

    Congratulations to friends from Bulgaria, I am happy to inform you that your equipment and manufacturing are complete.

  • Jun
    Advantages of Automatic Powder Coating Equipment

    Now, the development of automatic powder coating equipment is very rapid, the market application has been very wide, the advanced powder coating concept is the product of high technology, making the enterprise more convenient and more efficient.

  • Jun
    Innovation is the first productive force

    Innovation is the lifeline: "teamwork regards innovation and practicality as the fundamental principles of product design and research and development." In order to ensure ultra high recovery, energy saving, environmental protection, durability and comfort, the R & D personnel have carried out nearl

  • May
    Fast Automatic Color Change Equipment Powder Coating Booth Working Principle

    Among the powder sprayed by the powder coating gun, a part of powders that are not adsorbed on the workpiece will follow the exhaust blower airflow into the big cyclone. In the separator, the particles of the larger powders are separated and falling on the vibrating screen.

  • May
    Learning the detail of the spraying gun

    The basic structure of the spray gun includes gun body, nozzle set (wind cap, nozzle and gun needle, short for three piece), control parts and other accessories.

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