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Electrocoating line

Electrocoating line

Pre-treatment of workpiece surface



Water blowing




◆ Electrophoretic coating involves immersing the products to be coated in water-soluble paint as an anode (anodic electrophoresis) and setting up a corresponding cathode to pass a direct current between the two electrodes. 

The physical and chemical effects of the current cause the paint to be uniformly coated. A coating technique on the products to be coated.

◆ Components of electrophoresis equipment:

① Tank body — ② Stirring circulation system — ③ Electrode device ④ Perature adjustment device ⑤ Paint supply device  ⑥ Ultrafiltration device ⑦ Ventilation device ⑧ Power supply device ⑨ Washing device after e-coating ⑩ Paint storage device.

◆ Equipment operation mode:     

The whole set of equipment is fully automated.

◆ Program control mode:             

Imported relay, time relay control PLC+touch screen control.

◆ Performance characteristics:   

  1. High degree of automation.
  2. Rreliable operation.
  3. Product out high production efficiency.
  4. Consistent mass production of coatings.
  5. Precise controllable coating thickness.

Powder Dip Coating Line

Electrocoating line


1, High paint utilization

Compared with other spraying methods, the utilization rate of paint can be higher than 95%.

2, Good permeability and uniform coating film
The electrophoretic bath liquid has high electrical conductivity, and the paint particles can be actively swept and deposited on the painted object. 

Even and smooth paint film can be obtained at the welding seam of the tendon plate, etc.

3, Fast speed and strong adhesion
The construction speed of electrophoretic coating is fast, mechanized and automated continuous operation can be realized, reducing labor intensity, uniform paint film and strong adhesion.

4, Rust resistance, corrosion resistance

The paint film dried after electrophoresis has excellent adhesion, and its properties of rust resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance are better than those of ordinary paints and general painting methods.

5, Safe and environmental protection green painting
The utilization rate of paint is as high as 90%-95%, and because electrophoretic paint uses water as solvent, it has the advantages of non-combustibility, non-toxicity and easy operation.

6, Good drying spreading property
The coating film after electrophoretic washing is dry, and it is not stained by hand, and the drying time is short, so it can go into drying directly.

Electrocoating line

Electrocoating line

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