Work Environment Pollution and Safety Problems Solution

Work environment pollution problem solution
Classification: noise pollution, dust pollution, three wastes (waste smoke, waste water, waste gas) emissions

Noise sources and solutions
Noise mainly comes from mechanical moving parts
1. Fans, elevators, motors, reducers, etc. all use silent type, after noise reduction processing.
2. The high-power fan uses a soundproof room for noise reduction.
3. In the conveying system, the low-noise conveyor chain is selected, the guiding treatment at the track joints ensures smooth sliding of the chain, which greatly reduces noise pollution.
Dust pollution sources and solutions:
Reduce powder spillover (powder design, powder recycling)
Three waste discharge solutions:
1. In the drying and curing system, the smoke is taken away through the pipeline, enters the environmental protection equipment, then  discharged after treatment.
2. In the pretreatment system, the acid gas is led through the pipeline, enters the environmental protection equipment,  then  discharged after treatment.
3. Pre-treatment system, waste smoke, waste water treatment

Work environment safety problem solution
Classification: Static electricity safety, safety protection devices, flammable gas control,
electrical safety control.

Electrostatic treatment
1. The high-voltage electrostatic generator adopts a built-in voltage doubler circuit with high voltage and low current. When the discharge end is close to the conductor, the current drops rapidly. Generally, no fire is generated and fire is avoided.
High voltage electrostatic generator ground wire treatment

2. Static Safety Management Operation Manual

Work Environment Pollution and Safety Problems Solution

Safety guard in conveyor system
In the design of the hanging rail, the design of the workpiece suspension is meticulously designed to reduce the risk of falling of the workpiece;
Add a protective net to the line to reduce the risk of falling objects;
Check and repair area setting fence;
The mechanical protection device is installed on the drive device, when the conveyor line is stuck, will stop in time;
All corners are smoothed to prevent people from bumping.

Flammable gas control in the drying and curing system
1. Available flammable gases including coal, natural gas, liquefied gas, biological pellets, diesel, electricity
The common mode: the oven circulation fan is turned on for 30-60 seconds to activate the combustion device and reduce safety hazards.
2. The gas equipment adopts the American double valve group and is equipped with a gas over-standard alarm device.
3. Some curing ovens require an explosion-proof valve.
Electrical system
Overpressure protection device, super flow protection device;
All personnel operations, set emergency stop switch;
Leakage protection device;

All high-voltage electrical operating parts are set with safety warning signs.

Work Environment Pollution and Safety Problems Solution

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