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Spray Pretreatment

Spray Pretreatment



Water wash

Film (phosphating, silane)

Pure water wash


Spray Type Pretreatment
Technically, The surface of workpiece must be completely clean, if you expect perfect powder coating work. We can process painting work on metal surface, but it usually will not give your excellect layer withstand corrosion. That is why Good pretreament must be needed. It will effectively reinforce powder coating work, which make the layer bond to metal surface perfectly, that will give you very smooth surface withstand external weathering and rust problem. Generally speaking, you expect excellent powder coating job, you need good pretreatment process.

Spray Pretreatment

What do you expect more on pretreatment?
1. Higher performance on coat bond?
2. Better metal corrosion resistance?
3. High quality painting job?
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Spray Pretreatment

Spray Pretreatment

Our product advantages:
1. Adopt Automated Conveyor Systems, it upgrade production efficiency by 2-4 times compare with manual and semi-automated lines.
2. With Hanna automated pretreatment line, only one technician and two general workers will be needed for the job, save more manpower. 
3. Spraying mode would shorten system line, make land use more efficient. 
4. Water seal design make the top of shed body isolate the steam
5. The shed body, cylinder block and spray pipe are all made by stainless steel ,and fine weld work to ensure service life more than 15 years.
6.Talk about the contour field of each Technics, every section go with contoured baffles and suitable transition to prevent cross-flow phenomenon.
7. The top design has a wind through device to prevent the acid gas and vapor accumulated at the top in time.

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