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Powder Coating Powder

Powder Coating Powder

Powder Type:

Nylon Powder

Epoxy Resin Powder
Polyester Resin Powder
The Ring Powder

Characteristics of nylon powder
Advantages:Nylon has high mechanical strength, high softening point, heat resistance, low friction coefficient, wear resistance, with shock absorption and silencing, certain oil resistant, resistant to acid, alkali and solvents, good insulation, self extinguishing, non-toxic, odorless, good weatherability, poor dyeability.  
Shortcoming:The water absorbability is large, which affects the dimensional stability and electrical properties
Application: widely used for spraying calendars, desk calendars, underwear hooks, and also for sports equipment, wire surface spraying, bridges, ships and other wire materials, spraying pipes and spraying engineering components.
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Characteristics of epoxy resin powder
Advantages: the strong corrosion resistance of epoxy resin powder is the high quality anticorrosion coating of buried steel pipe. It has excellent chemical anticorrosion performance and high mechanical properties, especially the best wear resistance and adhesion.
Shortcoming: No protection against ultraviolet light.Long time be in Ultraviolet rays will Decolorization, extinction and powder.
Application: when the anticorrosion performance is the main requirement. Epoxy resin has excellent anticorrosion, impact strength and flexibility. It is mainly applicable to petrochemical pipeline, storage tank, metal structure, ship fittings and valves, etc.

Characteristics of polyester resin powder
First of all, it is divided into three categories: unsaturated polyester coatings, saturated polyester coatings, terephthalic acid polyester coatings
Unsaturated polyester coating:
Advantages: It has small environmental pollution, can be dry at room temperature, and can also be heated and solidified. The efficiency of spraying is high.
Shortcoming: In the curing process, the shrinkage rate is large, it is not easy to repair, and it is hard and brittle and easy to damage.
Application: It is mainly used for high grade wood furniture, TV set, coating and insulating material, sewing machine, coating of chemical storage tank and so on.
Saturated polyester coating:
Advantages:High gloss, good fullness, high hardness, good flexibility, good wear resistance and heat resistance, good light and color retention.
Shortcoming: It is not resistant to corrosion, and the repair performance is poor.

Application: Common outdoor items. Metal primer, automobile and varnish, outdoor decoration products, etc.

Powder Coating Powder

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Terephthalic acid polyester coating:
Advantages:Good moisture resistance and insulation.
Shortcoming:Because of the existence of ester groups in the molecular chain, the water resistance is slightly poor.
Application:A motor spraying with a hot and wet belt.

Characteristics of the ring powder
Advantages:The most commonly used spray powder. As the main raw material was prepared using epoxy resin and polyester resin, and has both its own unique properties, the film produced has extremely good leveling, decoration, mechanical properties and strong corrosion resistance of the coating is widely used in various indoor metal products.
Shortcoming:The ability to resist UV is not as good as polyester powder. Corrosion resistance is not as good as epoxy powder.
Powder Coating Powder Powder Coating Powder
Application:It is mainly used for the surface coating of automobiles, household appliances, metal furniture, instruments, indoor fitness and sports equipment, radiators and other industries.

The powder coating suitable for electrostatic spraying has the best particle size between 10 microns and 90 microns (i.e. >170 mesh). Powder with a grain size of less than 10 microns is called superfine powder. It is easily lost in the atmosphere, and the content of ultrafine powder can not be too much. When the particle size of powder is more than 90 microns, when electrostatic spray is applied, the ratio of charge and mass between particles is very small. The gravity of large particle powder soon exceeds aerodynamic force and electrostatic force. Therefore, large particle powder has larger kinetic energy and is not easy to adsorb onto the workpiece. The particle size of the powder is related to the thickness of the coating, and the particle size of the powder coating must have a certain range of distribution to get the uniform thickness of the coating. The size of powder particles should be adjusted in order to control and adjust the size of powder particles.

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