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Fast Color Change Booth

Fast Color Change Booth

No dust spill out, Minimum powder waste.
Quick color change (10-15 minutes automated color change), Multi-color change design.
Powder Recovery Efficiency high as 99.2%


1. Sixth generation of intelligent spray gun, work on the groove of workpiece perfectly .
2. Fully consider color change system work, easy to clean,labour-saving.
3. All mechanical and electrical key parts to Hanna design are supplied by Top gun companies, such as Gema and Wagner, and that would ensure our machine work theoretically perfect.
4. Beautiful appearance, fine workmanship.

Fast Color Change Booth

Groove design at the bottom of spay booth
Working principle:
Part of the electrostatic powder missing the target will fall by gravity, and drive to move by the micro-negative pressure at the groove, then directly move into the filter recovery unit. The spray room floor can be able to avoid powder accumulation and easy to clean.

Fast Color Change Booth

Powder Coating Spray Booth

Working principle:
The powder is automatically transported from powder supply center to electrostatic spray gun driven by air power source;The electrostatic powder is partially sprayed onto the surface of workpiece; Part of the powder flow through to the large cyclone recovery device and secondary recovery unit; A small amount remains in the inner wall of spray booth. Part of the powder passes through the air suction cyclone, go through primary recovery unit and bottom vibrating screen, then flow back to the powder supply center driven by the powder recovery pump.  Part of the powder drive by rotation movement on the top part of the large cyclone and flow into the secondary recovery unit, then go through the rotary wing filter and left in the powder collecting bucket at the end.

Spray Booth Design

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