Automatic fast color change solution

Automatic fast color change solutionMaintenance Manual

Color change period:10-15 minutes

*No powder spill out, limited powder waste
*Large cyclone recovery system gives powder recovery rate high to 99.2%
*Save more manpower
*Improve the quality of spraying work
Hanna unique technology:The powder supply filter get support by steel mesh structure in center to extend service life.  

Scope of application:Multi-color change

Automatic fast color change solution

Working principle:
The air power source will drive the powder from the powder supply center straight to the electrostatic spray gun;
The electrostatic powder is sprayed out to partially bond to the surface of the workpiece; part of them flows through into the large cyclone recovery machine and secondary recovery unit; A small amount remains around the inner wall of the spray booth.
Part of the powder passes through the air suction cyclone, then go through primary recovery unit and the bottom vibrating screen, finally returned to the powder supply center driven by powder recovery pump.
Part of the powder have rotated action inside the top part of the large cyclone and then be sent to the secondary recovery unit, then go through the rotary wing filter, finally left in the powder collecting bucket.

The powder isolated by the secondary recovery unit would be ultrathin powder or mixed color powder, can’t be used again .

Automatic fast color change solution

Recovery working principle of the powder coating booth:
When the system is actually working, the centrifugal fan will drive air out of the powder room by walking through filter piece, it will create kind of extrovert air flow around the nozzle of spray chamber to prevent powder to spill out of room.This filter piece can be a strong existence to guard powder from leakage, which means only air could walk through it, then kind of a while pass, the surface of filter will be covered by powder, some kind of tunnel jam, which means your recovery system going down, that is why “pulse clean system” will be needed to secure the air tunnel to have it keep filter working well, you have your powder recovery system fine.

Powder spray room: PP single or double plate
PP plate material characteristics and working principle
1,Insulating material, non-conductive, won’t cause bulk powder accumulation problems, easy to clean, save time and labor;

2,The electrostatic powder forms a light and thin layer on the surface of the material, which has a rebound effect on the electrostatic powder afterwards, effectively avoiding powder accumulation;

powder coating gun

PP double plate or sandwich structure
The sandwich structure is hollow design and has a rebound effect on the electrostatic powder, effectively avoiding powder accumulation.
Groove design on spray booth bottom
Working principle:
Part of the electrostatic powder that has not been sprayed on the surface of workpiece will fall by its own gravity factor, affected by the micro-negative pressure at the groove, then directly into the filter recovery unit. The spray room floor avoids powder accumulation and is easy to clean.

Automatic fast color change solution

Automatic fast color change solution

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