Drag teaching programming robot

Drag teaching programming robot
1.No programming is required
2.Hand-to-hand demonstration
3.Simple maintenance and reliability
4.Automatic spraying trajectory generation
5.Convenient and fast. 

HANNA company only focus on powder spraying (painting) robots.
Drag teaching programming robot  Drag teaching programming robot 
Drag teaching programming: It breaks through the traditional robot point-to-point or offline programming mode. Workers can directly hold the robot for demonstration spraying. The robot can record and reproduce the movements of the worker. The operator has the basics of using the robot, and can quickly master the programming technology through simple learning, and truly realize the “The simplest operation” of the robot.
Characteristics of HANNA spraying robots:

1,No programming is required, hand-to-hand demonstration, automatic spraying trajectory generation, convenient and fast.
2,The software control system developed based on the Windows system allows spraying workers who have never used robots to operate and use our spraying robots in the shortest time.

Powder Spray

Drag teaching programming robot

3,Equipped with Windows 10embedded operating system.

Multilingual interface
Powerful communication and networking functions
Stand field bus interface
Configurable digital and analogue I/O
15 “touch screen
Optional proportional valve for spray gun control
Built-in temperature and pressure monitoring and control system
Optional online support system
Standard Point to Point programming software
Online programming functions
Optional air conditioning unit
Optional gun control box

4,Auto-teach&Point to point programming

Programs retrieval based on PDF schedule or pictures
Online changes of painting parameters
Remote supervision of paint booth with IPCAM
External axis management
Motor &encoder test&programming
Interface for paint management
Profiled user access
alarms,warnings&events log
External database interface for MES or ERP
Remote control via mobile device
Fully integrated with LESTA Easy Panel and LESTA CAD light

Drag teaching programming robot

5,Manage point to programming

Integrated with LeCRob Robot manager and K-Manager
Allows easy and quick creation of robot paths with manual or automatic points acquisitions
Manage lines ,splines,grid and parameters setting for each primitive.

Parameters which can be managed are speed,acceleration,distance from surface,grid steps and orientation,paint delay and advance on surface,flow, atomization and fan speed.

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Drag teaching programming robot

Drag teaching programming robot

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