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Our values: 
  • Never compromise on design safety, integrity, efficiency, and reliability.
  • Give reasonable design and never sell customer more than they need.
  • Give help whenever customer call.
  • Never stop trying to refine our solutions.

Since 1990, Hanna Technology have grown into a star company in powder coating field. From simple hand coating through to fully automated powder coating, We are capable of offering our clients perfectly cost-effective, reasonable, advanced solutions. With Hanna’s proud technology, you will have your best painting device and system line.

Hanna Technology keeps impressive records on serving clients like small manufacturers, government project, global corporation. Many projects finished all over the world, including China, Europe (UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia); Australia, New Zealand, Middle East (Qatar, Kuwait); Southeast Asia (Thailand, Philippines); Latin America (Mexico, Chile, Ecuador); Africa (Morocco, Nigeria), and so on.

Hanna’s proud catalogue: powder coating system, automated powder coating line, manual powder coating equipment, spray paint machine, powder coating booth, powder coating oven, pretreatment for powder coating, curing oven, powder coating powder etc. All products are widely used on the applications of Metal manufacturing industry, Aluminum profile industry, Mechanical engineering manufacturing, Metal cabinet manufacturing, Sport equipment manufacturing, Metal pipe manufacturing and so on.

1. Hanna get a strong team to rock your core, including coating system designers, powder and chemistry experts, control systems engineers, installation technicians and experienced trainers. With Hanna’s powerful team support, you would not have to worry.

2.All painting solutions from Hanna Technology is individually designed to meet our clients on personal. To ensure you get what exactly you need, our factory-authorized technician team will help you work through all the details straight to your target. Start from first design straight to shipment, Hanna would take care of all, moreover, we give help on installation, fine-tuning work, and training job until your system ready to go.

3. Hanna Technology never stop moving forward in painting field, we keep linking to the top gun field from the West, try to refine our work. Our goal is try to optimize design for clients with best cost effective idea, and power up their competitiveness as much as we can.
Our Advantages
*Limited Pollution
*high degree of safety.
*Maximum recovery efficiency.
*Quick colour change.
1,Hanna intelligent gun, unique circuit board design, completely solve groove problem of workpieces on dead angle. Make sure all groove would be spayed smoothly.
2,Hanna unique design on thermal ventilation system gives excellent work on temperature difference control, which make furnace temperature fluctuate less than 3 ℃, it ensures powder coating bond to workpiece perfectly, and gives finest result on colour.
3,The typical big cyclone design of Hanna technology gives powder recovery efficiency high as 99.2%, and no dust spill out. Unique fast color change powder supply center gives a color change job within 15 minutes.
Our Services
* Remarkable Design
* Professional Solution
* Reliable Installation
* The warranty period of equipment is two years, and any quality problems occur during warranty period, our company will replace the original equipment (parts) free of charge. Moreover we provide our clients full after-sales service after your warranty expires.
* Our service will contact you within 24 hours when you message us online, We get experienced technician to serve you by phone, email, video and other forms. We are capable of offering you project consulting service, fault diagnosis and the other instructional technology services until your problem completely solved
After Sale Management System
* Gives fully Training support on operation and maintenance
* Better links with customers give fully understand on the performance of machine work and working record
* To assist our customers in Business process management by offering technical support
* Provide wear parts at the factory price
* Lifetime after-sales service against system defects
* Any system defect, we will give you answer within 24 hours.
* Two years warranty for sure, any manufacturing defect happened, we will replace it(or parts) free on charge

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