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Powder coating line

Powder coating system manufacturer
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  • Oct
    Introduce the maintenance method of painting equipment

    Now Hanna Technology will introduce you to the maintenance methods of spraying equipment1. Finishing of paints and auxiliary tools: The remaining paint after use should be sealed and stored, and the auxiliary tools (mixer, testing tool, weighing tool, etc.) should be cleaned and stored.2, coating qu

  • Sep
    What problems should be paid attention to during the spraying process?

    In the spraying project, the surface of the spray fan should be perpendicular to the surface of the coating. When the gun is manually operated, the width of each spray gun should not be too large. Otherwise, the coating will be uneven. The direction of the spray gun should always be parallel to the

  • Sep
    Do you know the details of the need to pay attention to the purchase of spray equipment?

    Nowadays, coating equipment is widely used in the modern application of the coating industry. Many spray processing manufacturers choose the spraying equipment because their performance and scope of application are not very clear. For this Hebei Hanna Technology has compiled some information to shar

  • Sep
    Explain the advantages of the powder spray room in environmentally friendly spray equipment

    As we all know, the most important part of the environmental protection spray equipment process is powder spraying. The industry uses high-pressure electrostatic spray guns for coating. The powder coating is sprayed by electrostatic spray guns to become negatively charged particles. Under the action

  • Sep
    Hanna box type curing oven features

    1. Based on customer needs, provide the corresponding optimal design2. Fine workmanship, comprehensive analysis of customer cost budget and capacity requirements.3. Comprehensive analysis of workpiece weight, size, shape and other factors, design the best size.4, Excellent durability and reliability

  • Sep
    The main advantages of the Hanna conveyor system

    Easy to assemble and disassembleMaximum flexibility, allowing the creation of transport routes with different configurationsHigh quality production and assembly of each componentSuperior durability and reliabilityMinimum maintenance requirementsTransport equipment can be adapted to individual needs

  • Sep
    Hanna automatic conveyor system features 2

    Chain conveyor system: The rail can be divided into 150 rails ≤ 30KG, 250 rails ≤ 50KG (single point lifting)1,The drive unit in our high-end conveyor system uses a drive with a torque limiter. When the conveyor goes wrong, it can automatically stop. After the malfunction is removed, it can be resta

  • Sep
    Hanna automatic conveyor system features 1

    *Hanna automatic conveyor system features:1. Based on customer demands, provide the corresponding optimal design2. Fine workmanship to ensure operational stability3. Highly automated process to increase efficiency * How to achieve fine workmanship, optimized design and stable operation?1. The track

  • Sep
    Daily maintenance of powder coating equipment

    Everyone knows that the powder spraying equipment needs maintenance. How should it be maintained? The editor of Hanna Technology will discuss it with everyone! !1 weekly protection and maintenance1.1 Powder supply: Clean up all the powder, clean it, and see if it is contaminated when looking at the

  • Sep
    Analyze common problems in coating production lines

    Analyze common problems in powder coating production linesVarious problems often occur in the application process of loading production lines. Below, Hanna Technology will give you a general analysis:1. Improper design of conveying equipment: From the design point of view, there are many ways to co

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