Quality Assurance And Service Content

Quality Assurance And Service Content Quality Assurance And Service Content

A,Quality Assurance Measures:

1,Quality planning :
On the premise of meeting customer requirements and ensuring quality, the Technical Review Committee, together with the sub-designers, reasonably determines and divides the stages of design, production, installation and commissioning, and formulates detailed progress plans for each stage. 
2, Design control:
In the early stage of design, the company's technical evaluation committee will review the painting line and non-standard products, so that the designed products strictly comply with the requirements of national painting equipment and the actual needs of customers.
Design input: collect customer original data in detail, formulate design rules, and determine the design standards and specifications of the project by the sub-engineers; 
Design output: ensure the output quality of the design, and the output of the design completely meets the design input requirements. 
Design review: Design rules and scheme design must be reviewed by technical review committee, and construction drawing design should be reviewed by technical review committee. 
Design verification: ensure that each drawing is passed two inspection and two validation. 
Design confirmation: design plan and construction drawing design must be examined and confirmed by customer. 
Documentation and data control: The relevant professional engineers ensure that the standards and specifications used by each profession are the latest and effective versions; 
Strictly abide by our company's validation system, construction drawings must be approved and signed by the Technical Review Committee before they can be deliver goods
Strictly abide by our company's signing system, all design changes must be notified to the relevant sub-engineers to make corresponding changes; 
All finished drawings must be filed in time according to the requirements of our company. 
3,Quality control for manufacturing department 
Strengthen the quality assurance system and quality protection measures of equipment manufacturing department. Our company is specially equipped with quality inspectors to strictly control product processing quality. 
All purchasing requirements put forward by our company must go through the project and be approved and signed by the project manager before they can be implemented. 


Program control: 
The content of the programmed control is strictly controlled according to the design operation control procedure. 

4,Inspection and experiment 
The manufacturing standards for each sub-item equipment shall be formulated by the design engineers in consultation with the manufacturing department, and shall be submitted to the manufacturing department after the approval of the Technical Review Committee. 

B: Service Content:
1, Equipment planning, production, installation, commissioning.
2,Provide complete information, including equipment drawing, electrical circuit control chart and use maintenance instruction.
3,Equipment troubleshooting method.
4,Provide the list of consumables to assist customers in establishing a comprehensive equipment maintenance system.
5,After the equipment is delivered to the customer, our company will send professionals to track the customer equipment for 60 days.
6,If customer has a device failure in the process of using the device, our company will operate the device remotely through the computer network through the authorization given by the customer, and eliminate all equipment failure problems.
7,Any problems with the equipment, our company guarantees to give solutions within 12 hours.
8, The warranty period of the equipment is 2 years. In 2 years, spare parts will be provided free of charge for any problems caused by non-human factors.

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