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Powder Recycling Technology and Its Application in Powder Coating Equipment

In powder coating technology, powder recycling is an important part of cost and environment. 

In this paper, we will introduce the common powder recovery methods and their principles in powder coating equipment, and discuss their significance in practical application.

Powder Recycling Technology and Its Application in Powder Coating Equipment

1. Screening

Screening is a common way of powder recycling, in which the powder not adhered to the surface of the workpiece is filtered out through the screen. The principle is to use the aperture size of the screen, so that the powder through the larger particles are filtered out.

2. Recycling System Recovery

Circulation system recycling saves material costs by collecting unused powder for reuse. The unadhered powder is transported back to the spray gun of the spraying equipment through the piping system, realizing efficient powder utilization.

3. Vacuum Adsorption Recovery

Vacuum adsorption recovery utilizes a vacuum system to adsorb unadhered powder into an adsorber, which is suitable for the recovery of fine powder. The powder is adsorbed into the adsorber by negative pressure and then processed and reused.

4. Mechanical collection and recycling

Mechanical collection and recycling collects the unused powder from the spraying chamber by mechanical means, avoiding the waste of powder, and is applicable to different types of powder coating equipment.

5. Inert Gas Assisted Recovery

Inert gas assisted recovery utilizes inert gas to push the unutilized powder into the collector to reduce powder dissipation and is suitable for high temperature or oxidizing powder coating processes.

A combination of the above recycling methods can achieve the best results. The continuous innovation and improvement of powder recycling technology provides more possibilities for increasing the utilization rate of powder and reducing environmental pollution.


Powder recycling plays a vital role in powder coating equipment, which is not only conducive to cost saving, but also helps environmental protection. Through reasonable selection and comprehensive use of various recycling methods, powder utilization can be maximized, production costs can be reduced, and sustainable development can be achieved. Therefore, the powder coating industry needs to pay constant attention to the innovation and application of powder recycling technology to promote the development and progress of the industry.

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