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    Spraying room: Consists of chamber, powder spray gun, automatic reciprocator, powder equipment, recycling equipment, exhaust device and electronic control components. In order to obtain high recovery efficiency and discoloration speed, large cyclone recovery and barrel recovery can be used, the recovery wind is soft, part of the sprayed gun powder is absorbed by the workpiece, the excess powder is blown down by the fan, through the cyclone barrel recycling recovery screening machine, the ultra-fine powder is applied by the secondary suction of the filter, and the powder is peeled off by the electromagnetic pulse valve backflow, and falls into the recovery unit for full recovery. The recycling rate is more than 99.2%, the recovery method is easy to change color, the cleaning is simple, the occupying space is small, etc. 


Hanna powder coating system features:

1, Ensure no dust spillover

2, Quick color change (10-15 minutes automatic color change)

3, Powder recovery rate as high as 99.2%

4, Fifth generation of intelligent spray gun, the workpiece groove has no bottoming phenomenon

5, Full consider the need for color change, easy to clean,

6, Key mechanical parts and electrical components of the equipment adopt the world's top brand products to ensure reliable operation and durability.

7, Beautiful appearance, fine workmanship


      Now the powder spray booth is filter recovery spray booth, it has high recovery rate of powder coating, quick color change, good recycling effect and low investment cost. Therefore, the filter recovery spray booth has been widely used. The electrostatic powder spray booth can be customized according to the needs of the users. The powder spray booth has single station, double station and multi-station, and the powder spray booth can also be made into a mobile type. The powder coating (spraying) line is continuously produced for 24 hours, greatly improving production efficiency and equipment efficiency. Note: Size can be customized according to needs. It is mainly used in the single (multiple) station painting or assembly line workshops of various industries for recycling powder processing equipment. The characteristics of the powder spraying booth are that the powder remaining is directly sucked into the filter element through the fan for filtering treatment. The powder adhering to the filter element is then sent to the recovery unit by back-blowing. The spray booth is easy to operate, stable and safe to use. It is a new type of product worthy of customer trust. According to the product requirements and site requirements, we can customize all kinds of recycled powder spray booth and automatic (manual) assembly lines.


       Electrostatic principle adopted by electrostatic spraying technology:

       1) Electrostatic spraying technology uses a static principle to workpiece surface , so the entire powder coating process also requires a complete powder coating equipment to implement. It depends on the way the powder is sprayed and the recyclability of the powder material itself. The powder coating apparatus usually includes a powder electrostatic spray gun (gun control device), a recovery device, a powder booth and a powder supply device.

       2) The combination of these devices allows the entire powder coating process to form a complete cycle.

       3) The powder is sprayed onto the workpiece by a spray gun,  the powder that has been sprayed or not adsorbed onto the workpiece is recovered by the recovery device, and the powder is sent to a powder supply device for filtering,  then supplied to the spray gun for recovery.

       4) Powder electrostatic spray gun: rely on high-voltage static electricity to “deliver” the powder onto the workpiece to be sprayed. Its electrostatic and aerodynamic properties directly affect the powder's primary powder rate and film thickness control.

Hanna powder coating supply system:

1,A variety of powders and spray guns to meet all your needs

With a hopper from 50L to 200L, it can easily match up to 32 guns

2,Ideal fluidization effect in powder preparation stage 

The high quality fluidized bucket bed distributes compressed air throughout the surface of the bucket for ideal powder transfer.

3,Simple integration into each system

The new powder supply, recycled powder and air transfer combination offer the possibility to integrate equipment into any one system.

4,Integrated adjustable sensor

Powder level sensor - adjust height - activate alarm and automatic new powder supply system when powder level is too low

5,Vibration platform for difficult to fluidize powder

Powder hopper with its own vibration base helps fluidize for powders that are difficult to spray

6,The powder hopper trolley is easy to move

Powder hoppers with rugged strollers can be easily moved to wherever you need

Professional sieving equipment

Dust discharge rotary screen

The vibrating screen powder unit is easy to integrate into any system, has good performance, is easy to maintain and is suitable for quick color change.

Sieving machine with dust removal device

High-quality sieving equipment with automatic dust removal technology for unipolar organic powder and enamel powder coating lines

Ultrasonic sieve

High-frequency sieving equipment can be easily integrated into any system with high quality, high powder output and simple color change

The ultrasonic sieving of the powder supply center

The superior sieving performance of the ultrasonic sifter combines with the flexibility of the powder supply center and the fast color change performance.

Hanna manual powder spray booth

1. Flexible and efficient

The classic manual powder spray room of various models and capacities is the ideal solution for small spray to high volume spray

2. Compact design, easy to integrate and apply to any production line

The space-saving design of the manual powder room and the integrated control unit built into the wheel make it easy to move and change positions in the application.

3. A variety of solutions to choose from

You can choose between a standard design and an open design for large workpieces with capacities from 4'000 Nm3/h to 6000 Nm3/h.

4. Modern safety explosion-proof design

The classic powder room uses ATEX fire and explosion proof components to ensure the highest safety standards and is easily accepted by insurance companies.

5. Durable and easy to maintain

The sturdy spray construction creates a bright and comfortable working space, with a timed reminder to warn you to replace the filter

6. Quick color change for easy cleaning

If required, the replaceable filter cartridge and stainless steel base can be easily cleaned during the color change process.

Hanna reciprocators:

1. More spray guns run out of powder

The ZA07/08/15 reciprocating machine has high load capacity, can carry a large number of spray guns, and has high precision and reliability.

2. Flexible horizontal longitudinal gun

The ZA07/08/15 reciprocator can be operated with short or long strokes and the gun can be placed horizontally or vertically.

3. High load ZA15 reciprocator

The ZA15 can meet the weight of 100kg and is the weighted version of the ZA07 axial.

4. Smooth operation design

AC motor drive, smooth gear conveyor and rugged design ensure low noise and high reliability during operation

5. Simple maintenance and reliability

The ZA reciprocator requires only the least, simplest and fastest maintenance.

6. Conveying chain speed automatic adjustment

The magic controller tracks the speed of the reciprocator and automatically adjusts to the optimum speed to perfectly match the bend for optimum spray results.

7. Precision stroke control application

The stroke can be fine-tuned to the millimeter, and the powder application can be precisely adjusted to fit any size workpiece

8. Continuous rate control for optimal application

Depending on the geometry of the object being sprayed, the pattern of the gun and the rate of transmission are continuously and accurately adjusted.

9. Simple and powerful programming

OptiMove can store up to 250 trips and rates of program data and can be optimized for your application needs

10. Advanced local programming

You can easily set different strokes or speeds in different parts of the program, making it ideal for complex and challenging application needs.

Hanna powder pumps can continuously transport powder in large quantities in a gentle manner

●The powder conveying ability is strong

● Stable powder delivery to minimize compressed air consumption

●Automatic cleaning, fast coloring changes

● Wear-resistant parts and long service life monitoring function ensure low maintenance costs


Less powder accumulation in the spray booth

Keep it clean during operation: Non-conductive plastic walls and self-cleaning floors to prevent powder accumulation.


Non-conductive trusses: how they work

Conventional sheet metal chamber walls are electrically conductive and attract wedge-shaped powder particles that accumulate in thick layers on their surface.

The plastic sandwich walls we produce are non-conductive and do not attract powder. Only a small amount of powder particles can be deposited on non-conductive walls. The charge of the deposited particles creates an electric field that repels the powder.

Keep it clean during operation: non-conductive plastic walls and self-cleaning floors prevent powder buildup

Conventional sheet metal spray walls are electrically conductive and adsorb charged powder particles on the surface of the powder room. The materials used by Hanna are non-conductive and non-attractive. Only a small amount of powder particles can be deposited on the non-conductive walls.

Quickly switch between different powder colors for ultra-fast and non-contaminating color changes. Thanks to this revolutionary technology, you can quickly change colors between two different production batches to avoid idle time and maximize efficiency. The drastic reduction in color change time ensures your return on investment and fast return time. The automatic color switching process reduces human error and ensures the best application quality. Every operator is very easy to manage the solution to save time and money in order to perform more color changes per shift without losing productivity.


Quick color change automatic solution

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