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Painting Equipment

Painting Equipment
Optional accessories

Different loads and pace of overhead conveyor.
Additional phases in the washing tunnel.
Painting booth with water veil filtration.
Additional painting booths.
Electric and mechanical assembly.
Diesel oil burner.


Standard step spray line includes :

- Power conveyor with automatic feed.
- Automatic multiphase washing tunnel.
- Drying oven.
- 1st painting booth with dry filtration.
- 1st flash off tunnel.
- 2nd painting booth with dry filtration.
- 2nd flash off tunnel.
- Curing tunnel.

Construction : overhead conveyor, drying tunnel, curing oven and painting booths, made of galvanized steel sheet; washing tunnel made of stainless steel; frame made of painted steel.

Oven insulation made of mineral wool, thickness 80mm, density 100 kg/m3, max. temperature 100°C.

Methane or LPG burners.

Supplied as assembly kit.

Technical data and dimensions are given as indication and can be changed according to specific customer’s requirements.

Painting Equipment

Painting Equipment

Paint spraying line automatic conveyor line:

1, power conveyor line can improve production efficiency. The integration of spray painting equipment and conveying line can realise the automated production process, which greatly shortens the production cycle and improves the production efficiency.

2, the power conveyor line helps to improve the quality of painting. Precise control systems achieve consistency in painting parameters, ensuring that each workpiece receives the same coating quality and improving the standardisation of production.

3, the power conveyor line helps to improve the working environment. By combining with power conveying lines, the painting process can be concentrated in a confined space inside the equipment, reducing the spread of harmful gases and protecting workers' health.

4, the power conveyor line can also improve the flexibility of the production line. The automatic conveying system can be adjusted according to the production demand, adapting to the size and shape of different workpieces, and realising the rapid conversion of the production line, which improves the flexibility and adaptability of the production line.

Painting Equipment Painting Equipment

Overhead Paint Conveyor Line:

Painting Equipment Painting Equipment

Paint spray gun with reciprocator:

Painting Equipment Painting Equipment

Automatic Paint Spraying Conveyor Line:

Painting Equipment Painting Equipment

Paint spraying robot manipulator:

Painting Equipment Painting Equipment

Orbital Paint Conveyor Line:

Painting Equipment Painting Equipment


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