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Electrical Control System

Electrical Control System

Electrical brand:






No. Item Brand(Brand country) (Distribution location)
1.        Programmable controller Mitsubishi (Japan) Electric cabinet
2.        Touch screen Weinview (China) Electric cabinet
3.        Load switch Schneider(France) Electric cabinet
4.        Circuit breaker Schneider(France) Electric cabinet
5.        AC contactor Schneider(France) Electric cabinet
6.        Button and indicator light Schneider(France) Electric cabinet
7.        Thermal relay Schneider(France) Electric cabinet
8.        Photoelectric encoder Omron(Japan) Reciprocator
9.        Fluidized plate Tokyo(Japan) (Powder bucket)
10.     Limit switch Omron(Japan) Reciprocator
11.     Proximity switch Omron(Japan) Reciprocator
12.     solenoid valve Sanzheng (China) Electric cabinet
13.     Digital frequency converter Mitsubishi (Japan) Reciprocator
14.     Reciprocator speed control device Yuhuang (China) Reciprocator
15.     Reciprocator motor Yuhuang (China) Reciprocator
16.     PTFE Changwei(China) Filter
PTFE nano film filter
17.     Pulse cleaning valve Mind (China) Filter
18.     Differential pressure measuring instrument MAGRFHELICChina Filter
19.     Exhaust fan South (China) Filter
20.     Fan motor Jiangsheng (China) Filter
21.     Sandwich engineering plastic plate Silson (China Taiwan) Painting booth
22.     Peristaltic powder pump Hanna(China) Large Cyclone
23.     Main cylinder of powder supply center Bailing (China) Powder supply center

Electrical Control System

Electrical Control SystemElectrical Control SystemElectrical Control SystemElectrical Control SystemElectrical Control System

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