Manual Powder Coating Machine

Manual Powder Coating Machine

Nominal input voltage





Nominal output voltage (to the gun)


Nominal output current (to the gun)

max. 200uA

Connection for rinsing function (valve)+

24 VDC max. 3 W


Remarks: Hebei Hanna Technology Co., Ltd specializes in electrostatic spraying equipment and spare parts, electrostatic spraying machine, and electrostatic spray gun, electrostatic spray gun shell, circuit board, high pressure module, stainless steel powder bucket, powder nozzle, venturi tube, powder pumps, filter cartridges, powder buckets, etc. Its performance is superior, the powder is large and uniform, and the powder rate on the dead corner is high, which has good practicability to metal powder. It adopts imported electronic original devices and international advanced production technology and management mode.

Powder Coating Machine  powder coating machine for sale

Hanna gets its own advanced technology on electrostatic spraying system, remarkable design with precisely mould work gives our clients high performance machine work without equal, the system would have inner high voltage generator and stainless steel powder barrel, perfect design with great performance gives spray work good enough to have high powder rate on the dead corner of workpiece

Manual Powder Coating Machine

Manual Powder Coating Machine

Independent production of spare parts for the coating industry, the main products:

1.Various intelligent electrostatic spray gun, high voltage electrostatic generator, powder spray gun, powder electrostatic spray gun.
2.Various spray gun shells: KCI, Gema generation, Gema II, Gema III, Gema 4th generation, Nordson and other gun shells!
3.Various spray nozzles and spray gun accessories: KCI, Gema generation, Gema II, Gema III, Gema 4th generation and other electrode holders, gun heads, etc.
4.KCI, Gema, Wagner, Nordson and other types of powder core existing products up to 100 kinds, can be customized.
5.Powder coating filter, dust filter, filter, main specifications are: 325mm * 900mm, 325mm * 600mm, 325mm * 660mm, 320mm * 900mm, 320mm * 600mm, 320mm * 660mm and many other specifications, can be customized! The above filter materials are all imported fabrics and domestic high-end fiber cloth.

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