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Application range of sandblasting machine

Application range of sandblasting machine

Application range of sandblasting machine


 I. Pretreatment.

    Plating, painting, spraying and all covered processing before sandblasting treatment, the surface is absolutely clean, while greatly improving the coverage had adhesion and corrosion resistance.

    Second, cleaning.

    Casting parts, stamping parts, welding parts, heat treatment parts and other metal workpieces to oxide, residue, dirt; non-metallic products surface cleaning, ceramic embryo parts surface black spot removal and restore the paint pattern, etc.

    Third, the old parts renovation

    Renovation and cleaning of all moving parts of automobiles, motorcycles, electromechanical equipment, etc. At the same time, eliminate fatigue stress and extend service life.

    Four, light decoration.

    All metal products and non-metal products (plastic, crystal, glass, etc.) surface traces elimination, matte matte treatment, so that the product surface to enhance the grade.

    Five, mold treatment.

    Mold surface matte matte treatment, graphic production, as well as mold cleaning, do not hurt the surface of the mold, to ensure the accuracy of the mold.

    Six, burr treatment

    Machined parts tiny burr removal, injection parts overflow glue burr elimination.

    Seven, bad products rework

    Removal of bad covering layer of products, removal of bad coloring and marks on the surface.

    Eight, strengthening.

    Increase the surface hardness of metal parts, remove stress, such as aircraft blades, springs, machined tools and weapons and other surface treatment.

    Nine, etching anti-slip processing: metal products, non-metallic products surface etching patterns, text and anti-slip treatment, such as: marble, handle anti-slip, seals, stone monument engraving, etc.

    Ten, denim clothing clothing processing.

    Denim clothing frosting, whitening and cat whiskers effect to achieve.


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