Provide the best powder coating system solution

powder coating line

Manual Quick Color Change Solution
The Hanna powder coating line manual quick color change solution will reduce production stagnation time
Automatic fast color change solution
Hanna patented technology: The powder supply filter center has steel mesh support to extend the service life
Power And Free Overhead Conveyor Line
Our factory successfully developed a double line design of the full automatic powder coating production line
Since 1990,Hanna delivering the best powder coating equipment and turn-key solutions for you.
  • Jun
    Why do salt spray test for pre-treatment of powder coating equipment?

    In recent years, metal surface treatment technology has developed rapidly and has been widely used in many fields. In the surface treatment technology and engineering of powder coating equipment, pre-treatment occupies a very important position. It is not only indispensable as a "pre-treatment proce

  • May
    Two types powder coating booth

    PVC is Insulating and non-conductive material ,The electrostatic powder forms a light and thin layer on the surface of the material, which has a rebound effect on the electrostatic powder afterwards, effectively avoiding powder accumulation. easy to clean, save time and labor; the booth is contained

  • Sep
    What problems should be paid attention to during the spraying process?

    In the spraying project, the surface of the spray fan should be perpendicular to the surface of the coating. When the gun is manually operated, the width of each spray gun should not be too large. Otherwise, the coating will be uneven. The direction of the spray gun should always be parallel to the

  • Sep
    Explain the advantages of the powder spray room in environmentally friendly spray equipment

    As we all know, the most important part of the environmental protection spray equipment process is powder spraying. The industry uses high-pressure electrostatic spray guns for coating. The powder coating is sprayed by electrostatic spray guns to become negatively charged particles. Under the action

  • Sep
    Do you know the details of the need to pay attention to the purchase of spray equipment?

    Nowadays, coating equipment is widely used in the modern application of the coating industry. Many spray processing manufacturers choose the spraying equipment because their performance and scope of application are not very clear. For this Hebei Hanna Technology has compiled some information to shar



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