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Prevention of Powder Coating Granular

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Prevention of Powder Coating Granular

A neat production environment has a good effect on product quality. By isolating the Powder Coating Booth from the production factory, this will effectively reduce Surface Coating particles and impurities.

1. The environment around the production workshop must be clean and clean, and remove mud and sand debris;

2. Shop doors and windows should be opened as little as possible, and an exhaust fan can be installed to solve the ventilation problem;

3. Personnel entering the workshop should be replaced with overalls and shoes;

4. Do a good job in the health work in the workshop;

5. Always wipe the production equipment with a semi-wet cloth or use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from all parts of the workshop.

6. The oil in the oil box on the Powder Coating Line is combined with the dust in the air, and particles are formed on the workpiece by vibration and other factors. Regular cleaning of the oil box and other places where it is easy to collect dirt is an effective means to reduce particle generation.

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