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What kind of powder coating should be selected in powder coating?

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The color of the powder coating coating is mostly composite color. This involves the color matching, baking temperature and time will affect the formation of the final surface color. 

Nowadays, there are many restrictions on the color matching of instruments, such as the difference in pigment batch and the small batch size of paints. Therefore, in the powder coating industry, it is still mainly manual coloring. 

The coloring pigment used in Powder coatings should be suitable for the following conditions: 

1 .Good dispersion, coloring and hiding should be better. 

2 .The temperature resistance should be high, at least 180 or more, preferably 200 degrees. 

3. Physicochemical properties are stable, excellent in light and weather resistance.

The light color of the blending is mostly covered by titanium dioxide, and the other one or two colors are added less. Adding less pigment, that is, a color with a low color density, is more prone to fading.

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